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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"Personal and reliable"

"The people!"

"The people and the location make for a painless experience."

"Aduston Spivey"

"Great people!"

"It's more like a small hometown pharmacy in that they get to know you by name, unlike a multi-chain pharmacy."

"Fast, efficient, and the people are very nice"

"Personal service"

"Timing - quick refills!"

"Everyone's love for each customer."

"Love the friendly faces. The feel of a small pharmacy where the employees know you by name & face. I don't feel just like some stranger off the streets."

"Fast and friendly. The best pharmacy. Would never go anywhere else. Everyone there makes you feel like family!!!!!!!!"

"The people"

"Candy bowl"

"The employees"

"Very helpful and friendly. I have never had a problem with my prescriptions."

"Always very helpful, friendly, and fast with refills. Very competitive with pricing on items not covered by insurance!!"

"Great service"

"Best pharmacy in town. Really nice employees and friendly atmosphere. Wouldn't go anywhere else and I recommend them to everyone."

"I love the friendly folks that work there. It always feels comfortable when I walk in."

"The people!"

"They get to know you."

"They are friendly, fast, and efficient."

"Aduston Spivey"

"Always friendly and professional"

"The staff is always kind and friendly."

"The drive thru"

"The friendliest employees"


"Love my pharmacy!!"

"I'm comfy and I love the friendly and helpful staff."

"Service is great"

"Small-town atmosphere"

"Personal service and helpful advice"


"Always helpful"

"You all care and are efficient! Love you all!"

"Always helpful"



"Caring and reliable; love much better than a larger pharmacy; clients are more than just a number"

"The pharmacists actually care, pay more attention, and get to know you."

"I love the staff - everybody is always so pleasant and considerate"

"The employees are hard working and always say a kind word and give a smile. They always try to go the extra mile to make sure that I have everything I need."

"Personal - like family"

"The convenience , the efficiency ,and the friendliness of all the staff"

"The friendliness you feel when you walk in."

"I enjoy how fast the employees work and how sweet they are. I enjoy the fact that they make it possible for me to pick up only some of my prescriptions at a time since I'm currently unemployed and homeless."

"Friendly people"

"The customer service is wonderful!"

"I like the people! I don't have to wait forever to get my meds."

"Close to home"

"Very friendly people"

"They treat customers as if they were part of their own family."

"It's a hometown business. Everyone is personable, friendly, and knowledgeable. I've never waited more than a few minutes."

"I love that it's a family business. I love the southern hospitality from everyone! They know me personally and by name. I really love this business and the love they have for their customers!"

"Friendly fast service"

"The people"

"That y'all are friendly, deliver, and go out of your way to help get everything correct and filled quickly."

"Absolutely wonderful staff!"

"The staff is great!"

"Every time I come in I'm treated like one of the family. Everyone is always polite and goes out of their way to help."

"The caring intelligent people who have my complete trust."

"Fantastic staff"

"I love everything about this pharmacy! They are the absolute best in town!"

"Fast, friendly, and treat me like family :)"

"Personal service, friendly, and easy to access"

"Very fast"

"Friendly; know my name. ;)"

"That you are welcomed by everyone when you walk in. You're family at this pharmacy, not just a customer."

"That y'all are so sweet and caring to all your customers. The delivery man is awesome. Always so kind and diligent in making sure that we get our meds when and where we are supposed to. Y'all rock."

"Makes me feel special"

"They are fast and efficient. Very friendly."

"Quick service"

"People and prices"

"Friendly caring staff"

"Everything and everyone!!"

"Best place in town"

"Friendly staff"

"Speed, friendly, and understand how frustrating it can be when physicians do not respond with any of the same manners."

"Very friendly. Like a small-town pharmacy in that they remember your name. I would recommend this place to anybody."

"All the employees"


"Everyone is kind and services are GREAT"

"So nice; willing to help in any way; very efficient"

"Understanding staff; don't treat people in pain like drug addicts; it's nice to be treated like good citizens who have to live with terrible pain"

"Fast, friendly, and treat people individually without judgement"

"Everyone is genuinely caring about you."

"Very friendly and fast"

"Great personal service!"

"Friendly, and fast refills"

"Fast courteous service. I feel like I am with family instead of with business associates. I will recommend this drug store to anybody that I love or care about."

"Good and friendly people!"

"Quick and friendly"

"The family feel - always friendly and helpful!"

"Friendly staff"

You can help Hot Springs Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google - thank you!